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Black Angus

BoPat Farms is proud to breed a superior line of cattle know as Black Angus. With roots originating in Scotland, the Angus remains one of the most prevalent beef cattle breeds in the States. Known for their hardy, resilient natures and strong physiques, Black Angus Sires produce superior genetic lines that are highly-sought after in the cattle community. In fact, since 1873 the Black Angus has been regarded as one of the most superior breeds with a genetic line profitable for many farmers and ranchers. Defined as strong and sturdy, they are known for being easy to manage as well. Adaptable to even the toughest environments, Black Angus are resilient to illness and weather exposure.

Since Black Angus possess a balanced genetic profile, their longevity far exceeds many other cattle breeds. Our Sires display continual high fertility rates and superior carcass production along with low birth weights and rapid growth. Every sire we own comes with quality traits, guided upbringing and the ability to yield exceptional cattle. Take a moment to explore our signature Black Angus sires below. For more details, please give us a call at (731) 420-2697.

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