BoPat Farms

Bopat cattle farm and family

BoPat Farms

Starting as a diversified farming operation in 1964, BoPat Farms has evolved into a purebred Angus seedstock operation producing bulls and females to enhance both commercial and purebred cattle herds throughout the U.S. With about 1500 acres of pasture and cropland we maintain a herd of 200- 250 brood cows.

Most of the cropland is rented to neighboring row crop farmers except for about 60 acres of corn that is chopped for silage. We put up our own hay and develop our bulls and heifers here at our farm. Brood cows are managed as most commercial herds running on native grasses until after Christmas and then offered feed until late March. Calving is now divided between fall and early spring.

Most females are serviced by artificial insemination one time then turned with clean-up bulls of superior quality. Bulls are developed with a growing ration providing structural soundness and athletic ability to be as problem free as possible. Labor is provided by the family with grandsons being the major labor force.

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