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Black Angus donors

Black Angus

At BoPat Farms, our donors are bred for excellence. True to their breed, every heifer we rear displays strong maternal instincts, superior milking capabilities and high fertility rates. All of these qualities contribute to a superior line of calves profitable for fellow farmers and consumers. Known for vigorous growth rates from birth, Black Angus produce premium beef cuts with excellent marbling.
Key traits that define Black Angus heifers include their high-maternal instinct that carries on through their genetic lineage. They also display exceptional milking capabilities which ensures strong, well-developed calves. Not only that, but Black Angus are esteemed for their high-fertility rates.

We offer quality Black Angus donors that produce top-of-the-line calves of superior genetic upbringing. All of our donors are hand-selected in light of their high-yielding capabilities, low birthing weights, longevity, and overall quality calves. Take a moment to explore our selection of premium Black Angus donors below. To learn more, call us today at (731) 420-2697.

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